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This summer straight up sucks right now!
  • Listening to: the tv
  • Watching: food network channel
  • Eating: ice cream
  • Drinking: v8 blend!
I really freakin hate school and all it's crazy homework. That and looking at colleges and putting in applications....meh
  • Listening to: Wanna be startin something
  • Reading: Beowulf...
  • Playing: Left 4 dead 2
  • Drinking: apple cider
OMG I don't wanna go back to school!!!!!! Oh God I don't wanna go!!!!
  • Listening to: shake it
  • Reading: Soul Eater
  • Playing: Left 4 dead 2
  • Eating: toaster strudel
  • Drinking: good ol' agua
I have to go to my first college visit 2morrow. And I have an interview with one of the admission counselors...I'm scared
  • Listening to: the music scene
  • Watching: Metalocalypse
  • Drinking: mango Fuze
I definitely skipped my ACT exam cause I did good enough on my SAT
  • Listening to: Find your love
  • Watching: Metalocalypse
  • Playing: Borderlands
  • Eating: Ensaymada
  • Drinking: water
SATs are a piece of crap
  • Listening to: telephone
  • Reading: stupid "a farewell to arms"
  • Watching: Repo
  • Playing: Borderlands
  • Eating: cinnamon rolls
  • Drinking: icy milk
So freaking happy that mid-terms are gonna be over tomorrow. Oh god I hope I did well...
  • Listening to: Folding Chair
  • Reading: The Yellow Wallpaper
  • Watching: Chowder
  • Playing: Rainbow Six: Vegas
  • Eating: cookies
  • Drinking: choco milk
I have no idea how to do memes and Michelle....why aren't u answering me??? i have no idea what to do!!!
  • Listening to: nothing realllyyyy
  • Reading: The Yellow Wallpaper
  • Watching: Ghostbusters
  • Playing: Left 4 Dead
  • Eating: cookies
  • Drinking: milk
I. HATE. FREAKING. SCHOOL. It's gonna start in a week and it sucks soooo muuuuch....i don't wanna go. And i don't have any periods with Michele DX<
  • Listening to: the tv
  • Reading: Inubaka
  • Watching: It's Me or the Dog
  • Playing: Alice
  • Eating: Chocomallows
  • Drinking: Hawaiian punch
WHOOOOOOOOOO!!!  It's summer break and my ass is done. Finals were great and now I....really have nothing to do to fill my time up...... hmmmmmm this sucks
  • Listening to: Heartless
  • Reading: sweet miss honewells revenge
  • Watching: nothin
  • Playing: noooothin
  • Eating: chips
  • Drinking: little hugs
Each day I wake up and just think to myself how many days it is till spring break. It's not that I'm doing anything special but I'm gonna be outta school and that's just freakin fine by me! ^___~ But, I have a Spanish skit tomorrow...I suck at Spanish hahahhahahaa
  • Listening to: Ruler of Everything
  • Reading: my journal entry
  • Watching: myself type
  • Playing: music
  • Eating: nuttin'
  • Drinking: nuttin'
I hate presentations and my 5-10 min long presentation is going to be due soon....please kill me.
  • Listening to: Bad Touch - - Bloodhound Gang
  • Reading: The Count of Monte Cristo
  • Watching: a blank screen
  • Playing: nadie
  • Eating: nothing
  • Drinking: the air
OH yea baby! Freaking Thanksgiving break in 4 days, yo. The teachers are packing us down with homework and tests and I'm close to killing my self cause I have no idea what the heck I'm doing since I'm way too out of it.
  • Listening to: Rihanna's Disturbia
  • Reading: between the lines
  • Watching: the weather station fo some reason
  • Playing: nothing
  • Eating: nothin' much
  • Drinking: whole bunch of drinks
I was able to find my friend sockenobsessiveXD here! It turns out that I got the name wrong and I'm not as lost as I thought I was.
  • Listening to: my mind
  • Reading: nothing
  • Watching: judge judy
  • Playing: nothing
  • Eating: nothing
  • Drinking: milk
This version of Deviantart makes me so confused! Now that I actually have an account, I can't find my friend on this thing. Oh, well.
  • Listening to: Captain Jack
  • Reading: fanfiction
  • Watching: youtube video
  • Playing: nothing
  • Eating: chocomallows
  • Drinking: orange juice